Winnipeg Hall of Fame

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Too many times the butt of jokes, Winnipeg has much to be proud of. Here I will attempt to highlight the people who make Winnipeg proud, or famous, or even infamous. Some of these people may not be known outside of Winnipeg, but I would rather include those people instead of famous people who simply had a cup of coffee in Winnipeg. These "Winnipeggers" does not mean that they were all born in Winnipeg, but can be considered Winnipeggers by their contributions to our fair city. One final note, this is a page of Winnipeggers, not Manitobans. There are many other fine Manitobans who deserve their own recognition.

Entries are listed alphabetically, not in any order of importance.

Mynarski, Andrew (1916 - 1944)
b. Winnipeg, Manitoba
World War II hero, awarded the Victoria Cross. Has recently been honored by a statue at Durham Tees Valley airport in northeast England where his Lancaster bomber squadron was located during WWII.
In Winnipeg he is honored with a school in the city's north end, a legion, cadet squadron, a chain of lakes, and a park named after him.
When bailing from his plane after being hit noticed his rear gunner and friend Pat Brophy was trapped. Mynarski risked his life to try and free Brophy but was unable to do so. In an unfortunate twist of events Brophy was able to survive the crash while Mynarski while surviving the crash soon died from the burns he suffered. Brophy was able to tell of his heroism which led to Mynarski being awarded the Victoria Cross.

Prince, Sgt. Tommy (1915-1977)
b.  Manitoba, of the Brokenhead Ojibway Native Tribe
World War II hero, 1940-45, member of the famous Devil's Brigade, an elite paratrooper unit of Canadian and Americans, sent into dangerous missions in France and Italy

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