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Personally endorsed links to other sites on the web.

General web log, heavy into sports, New York City, Pop culture, beautiful women, strange links, and the Yankees (but I forgive him anyway). Paul also writes part time for ESPN on line.

Internet Movie Database
IMDB.com, a great resource that allowed me to take on the project of chronicling every movie I've ever seen into a big old list. Be careful however as they don't do any fact checking, so much of the info in the bio's etc can be bogus. One of the best features though is you can see what other folks rank the movie as, or just your own demographic.

Josh Liller's Homepage
Not updated very regularly but has an excellent TNM wrestling simulator section for fans.

Jennifer Government
A simple but fun nation state simulator, with a huge community of users. From the author the book "Jennifer Government" which I read and thoroughly enjoyed. Dare I say it, but I actually enjoyed it more then Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Internet Archive Builder
Ever want to get info from a deleted site, or wonder what a particular site looked like in the past? This site can access a lot of that information for you , on a text only basis.

Random Name Generator
Kleimo's very cool name generator, from common to obscure. Great for fantasy wrestling fans with a brain cramp or no imagination of their own. Also, last minute shopping for a child's name can be done here.

The host of the old PWA fantasy wrestling site. Also into heavy metal, ghost hunting, and role playing. Be warned though if your comp is slow he has those annoying page transitions.

The best message board on the net by a country mile. Polite, respectful, knowledgeable, inside info, historical, current, wrestling, off-topic; everything but religion, spam, politics.

Hardedge Wrestling Universe
Message board for all the TNM'ers out there, most with their own circuits which they post. Be careful about the TNM Clique 2005 Reunion tour however.

History of the WWE
Graham Cawthon has put together the most complete results of WWWF/WWF/WWE on the web. There are other goodies there as well including historical flyers and advertisments.

The legend is back. All the worst gimmicks in wrestling history.

A German site that blatantly ripped off Madison's old "Weird World of Wrestling Site", which was sort of like Wrestlecrap. Still a good site to look at pics of the crappy wrestling gimmicks.

Pro Wrestling Alliance
A big slice of the PWA/WWA World of Carl Todd, Chris Champion, John Frerickson, and many other contributors. Along with the OWF of John Manard hands down my favorite fantasy wrestling circuits.

Page of 1,000 Holds
Great resource for all free hand wrestling fantasy writers.

Glory Wrestling
Home for info on over 200 independent female pro wrestlers and managers, each one with her own bio and often links to her site. Great resource for wrestling fans.

ICW Wrestling
Brandon Eversoll/Xavier Flair's long lasting, many times reinvented, TNM based fantasy wrestling circuit.

The Eighties Club
The politics and pop culture of the 1980's. A fun place to visit.

Winnipeg Jet's Memorial Page
Curtis Walker's unbelievable tribute to our hometown heroes the Jets.

NHL Fans Fight Back
An attempt to galvanize pissed off NHL fans, but didn't have as much success as it deserved.

CBA Central
Part of Andrew's Stars page. Now I personally can't stand the Dallas Stars but this site is a great place to find news, analysis, and history of the current CBA talks between the NHL and its PA. Also, reproductions of the actual CBA.

Howard's Backyard Rink Site
An excellent resource if you enjoy making your own backyard rink, or are thinking about it.

Rink in a Blink
Another backyard rink site, this one is more of a distributor for backyard rink products, but also a fairly good resource for ideas.

Backyard Rink
One more backyard rink site, from a family in West Suffield CT

Mad Brothers
Exclusive rights holders for Slapshot merchandise as well as He Shoots He Scores. Two guys from Quebec who work out of their garage. Great gig!

More than just rock bands, a listing of fictional musica acts mostly from television and movies. Now a published book as well.

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