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Why would you care who I think are the 50 greatest hockey goalies ever, or my favorite Bruce Springsteen lyrics, or IMBD's top 200 movies of all time? Come on in, add your own lists.
"You've always been good at making lists" My Mom to a young eMBezzlerr.

"You have nothing useful to say" James Bishop.
But that doesn't stop me from getting on my soapbox every once in a while to explain the evils of society, sports, etc. I hope you will post your retorts or at least a good quote that I can use.
"BLOG's are like assholes, everyone's got one, and they usually stink" Me.

80's Tribute
I grew up in the 80's and it takes a lot of flack. This is my tributes to the 80's and hopefully find some like minded people to join in.

Fiction / Writing
This is a dumpster for my writing. Fictional TV show synopsis, essays, etc.

Strange wrestling facts/stories, history, simulator stuff, fantasy cards, TNM exports, etc.

Misc Sports
Historical & Fantasy sports stuff

Stuff that I am a fan of.

This is my 29th attempt at a website to glorify and amuse myself. In that spirit I dedicate this website to The Narcissist Lex Luger and the inventor of the Internet Al Gore.
June 13/05:
Added a new section, My Psyche, devoted to me. Some psycho babble stuff in there as well as a very strange reocurring dream of mine.
June 10/05:
Expanded my favorite movie list to top 271 movies, it now includes all movies I ranked at least an 8 out of 10.
Added a new card to RCW for April 1983.
Started a Books section under lists. For now have up my planned summer reading (probably enough to last the fall too), and will eventually add recommendations.
June 8/05:
Added World War II hero Andrew Mynarski to my Winnipeg Hall of Fame.
Added March cards to River City Wrestling.
June 2/05:
Added my short guide to the Quintessential Movies of the 80's. Find it in the 80's tribute section.
May 29/05:
Added Jan, Feb, and some of March 83 cards to RCW wrestling.
RCW has now changed formats of cards to a TNM simulator style of presentation.
Added two hockey lists in the lists section. One featuring my 56 favorite Winnipeg Jets of all-time. The other has two lists of the top 50 NHL players of all-time; mine from 2005, and the Hockey News' from 1997.
May 12/05:
Added Dec/82 cards to RCW Wrestling, including the 3rd anniversary show, and some comments about the direction going forward.
Added a 3rd episode to Strange Sports, this one orientated around an NFL running back who is unwillingly fueled to success by flashbacks to war.
Added a Hockey section, where I have put my draft picks and building of the Hamilton Steelers fantasy team from the mid 1990's.
April 26/05:
Added my eMB awards for television in 2004/05, what a crappy season it was indeed. Find it in the lists section.
Added October & November 1982 to RCW.
April 20/05:
Added August & September 1982 cards to RCW
Added list section, 50 most embarrasing moments in pro wrestling history.
April 15/05:
Completed two episode synopsis for "Strange Sports", in the fiction/writing section.
Started a page honoring famous Winnipegers in the Lists section. 
Added a set of Jeff Foxworthy jokes about Manitoba in the "11 Signs you may have grown up in Winnipeg..." in the lists section.
April 7/05:
Added my own ghost sighting to the fiction/writing section.
Completed RCW cards for June and into July 1982.
April 5/05:
Completed RCW cards for Feb, March, April, and May 1982.
Added to the list section  my favorite 90 movies of all-time.

"You know, even in the limitless resource that is the internet, your site still stands out as a total waste of space and time."
you can lease this quote, or others, as attributable to you and displayed on this site. Send me an e-mail and we can negotiate a contract.

The Narcissist Lex Luger...the inspiration for all BLOGS???

The man who the Republicans claim says he invented the internet

Picture of the Moment

This poster was enough to get the WWE guys to haze Amy Weber??