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Airing time; to be announced
Status; ordered season 1 – 16 episodes (limited series)
Category; Drama/Paranormal
Production company; MapleStar Entertainment
Running time; 60 minutes

L. Smith
M. Crichton

~series synopsis~
Based on the sketchy details of the lost colony of Roanoke. In 1587 John White led a group of almost 200 men, women, and children to the new world, specifically to what is now Roanoke, Virginia. The legend tells of White having to return to England for supplies, leaving behind his family including newly born granddaughter Virginia Dare. A task that should have brought him back the next spring instead was delayed over two years as war broke out between England and Spain, inhibiting any plans to return. Once White makes his return they find the town empty and forsaken. Despite searches and the mysterious clues left by the colonialists (including “the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree), no bodies are ever found. Several years later an acquaintance of White’s in England receives the final communication ever from the mysterious man; a sort of purging of the soul.
This historically based limited series follows that man’s search for the truth, a search which ends upon his death but is picked up almost 400 years later by his decedent, a feisty and determined College sophomore. Transport back and forth from the days of the colonialists, the missions that came before them and sealed their fate, and the 4 century search for truth; all along the way dogged by the eerie appearances of a ghostly child believed to be Virginia Dare.

Kate Sangster...2nd year history student, UNC-Chapel Hill
Gilda Sangster...Kate's grandmother, a history buff


~episode guide~

1.01 – The Lost

2006: After a less then successful college term, Kate returns home to visit her grandmother who's time left on earth appears to be waning. Kate 's relations with her mother and brother are stretched to the breaking point.
1590: John White commissions some privateering ships to bring him and one other back to Roanoke to look for the last colony. However, the sea and the greed of the pirates conspire against a successful search.

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