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These shows are currently in development being considered for order as winter replacements, summer runs, or for next fall.

The Box [sports drama] [60 min]
For those who don't "get it" Box Lacrosse seems a barbaric sport for little pay. But for the Warriors who step into the Box, its everything that life is about. Challenge, team, and unsung glory. No limits, no holding back, no big dollar contracts.
**carried over from 2006**

The Projects [drama] [60 min]
An ex Army Ranger settles down in an inner city housing project after receiving his discharge . He quietly goes about his business making a difference to his newly adopted community and its younger inhabitants. Of course his past and his reasons for his altruistic actions soon come to the front in a reminder of the horror of wars and one man's attempt to make ammends.
**carried over from 2006**

Control [dramedy] [60 min]
Calib Pace is on top of the Hollywood A-list. Inside though he is a total wreck after the passing of his mother and his infant son. He is introduced by a fellow Hollywood action star (Jake Traverse) to a new "religion" called the Church of Self. Follow Calib's search for meaning in his world and his descent into the cult like church as it becomes a Hollywood sensation driven by its new and brightest star.
**please note we have been advised by our lawyers that any similarity between this storyline and actual persons or events is strictly coincidental. Furthermore our freedom of speech is guaranteed as this would seem to fall under the "parody" exception as well as being people in the public eye.**

Baggers [comedy] [30 min]
Join the irresponsible and fun loving evening crew of "Foodwise Grocers" as they make life miserable for new employees, and barely tolerable for the customers unfortunate enough to not be able to shop during daylight hours.

Air-Drop [mockreality] [30 min]
Each episode we pick an out of the way, barely functioning slice of the American map into which we air-drop an unusual item to be found. Our hosts go into town incognito to stir up trouble and film the havoc that the mystery item causes with the inhabitants.

Set-Up [Reality] [30 min]
Hey America would your spouse or children lie, cheat or steal? How about tu madre? Would you put your money on it? Each episode a "mark" is set-up by our crew and a rival who wants to see the mark fail. We then give the mark's family a chance to each secretly take a side on what his/her action will be. All those members of the family and rival are competing for a slice of prize money. Watch as a wife tells us whether she thinks her loved one will cheat on her when the opportunity is presented by a sexy job hunter. Watch as a mother bets what her son will do when presented with a chance to scam a store and get free product illegally. Watch in disbelief as the set-up unfolds.

Sin Nombre [comedy]
Follow the exploits of a down and out, out of shape former American sports star as he dons a yellow mask and bodysuit south of the border in Lucha Libre wrestling. He just wants to try and gain back the thrill of victory - and some cash. On his tail though are the Federales who are suspicious that many of the masked wrestlers are illegal immigrants taking jobs away from Mexican athletes, and want to see them deported.
**this project is shelved until some rights issues can be resolved down the road**

Ambassadors [dramedy] [60 min]
Follow the sometimes shocking and insane, and always entertaining exploits of the United States' ambassadors to the UN and other countries. This show takes a tongue-in-cheek and cynical view of American diplomacy around the globe.
**possible alternative name: Diplomacy**

"1968" [drama] [60 min]
From the producers of "Crotoan" comes another historical limited series. From the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy to the growing unrest amongst the youth towards their leadership and the VietNam war. 1968 remains perhaps the most culturally signficant year of the 20th century. See this year come to life once again in complete re-enactments as well as archival footage backed by the soundtrack of a generation. Look back at it with the knowledge that we now have of who was really pulling the strings of power. Step back to 1968 and step forward to a 60 minute adreneline rush.

The Pact [crime drama] A San Fransisco capital crimes detective has a chance meeting in the Miami airport with the father of an unsolved murder victim from a case that he worked a few years back. The detective is in Miami scouting properties as he is only 6 months away from retirement. However, that chance meeting begins to unravel a web of murders and secret pacts that threaten his plans to ride off into the sunset. How wide and deep does this murder spree go, and will he ever be able to get to the front of the murderous trail?

~untitled Jimmy Walker project~
To America Jimmy Walker will always by Kid Dyn-o-mite!
But to Jimmy Walker he is a thespien, ladies man, highly regarded comic act, and a legend in his own mind.
What happens when Jimmy goes on job interviews refusing to admit that he is Kid Dyn-o-mite? What happens when Jimmy tries to talk his way into a free rifle in return for some quick promotional work?
What happens when we give Jimmy a credit card, a camera crew, and no script? We're still waiting to find out.

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