My Ghost Story by embezzlerr

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Warning to all ghost enthusiasts; this story is not at all embellished. It is the plain and simple truth, so plain and simple as to be quite boring. But it is the truth and a story that despite its rather mundane nature, I often think back at and wonder.


It was our first home, a little side-by-side in Winnipeg, probably not that old at the time, and much the same as the rest of the houses on our side of the street. In short, there is no reason why this house should have had any haunts, and I only ever experienced one incident.


I was a little boy, probably 6 or 7 at the time. I was playing with my Hot Wheels cars at the bottom of the stairs. The entrance to our side-by-side was, naturally, at the side of the house. As you walked in you looked straight forward more or less to this set of white carpeted stairs which led up to the 2nd floor, which housed our bedrooms. If you turned to the left then you entered the living room which faced the front street. A turn to the right upon entering the house would lead you to the kitchen. Just to the right of the stairs going up to the 2nd floor were stairs leading down to the basement. These stairs were what can now be called an ugly, shocking, red color. Your typical late 70’s rec-room.


It was always the basement that frightened me, unable to get myself to go downstairs alone, especially since it held the furnace, washing room etc. The rest of the house however was very airy and light colored, full of warm, happy vibes. So, I felt quite safe and normal playing at the landing of the stairs on the main level alone while the rest of the family were downstairs watching TV together. I even vaguely recall they were watching the Oscars or the Emmy’s or something similar.


As I pushed my little cars around and made the proper accompanying sounds that little boys do, I glanced up to the top of the stairs and saw what I was sure was the triangular bottom of a dress sticking out around the corner into view. As quick as I saw it, it was gone, leaving me only with the very strong visual imprint of a pale blue triangle of fabric.


I was not an overly fanciful boy, and have never had cause to believe I saw a ghost ever again. I have worked in a very old costume house (which of course had its share of ghost stories because of its very nature), and I have stayed over night in the supposedly haunted Hotel Fort Garry. Not a ghost in sight. However, it is believed that children are better able to see ghosts, as they are more “open” to seeing. Perhaps that is double speak for bigger imaginations to make things up.


However, the house was of course supposed to be empty except for our family who were all downstairs, unless they managed to avoid my sights coming up and down the stairs right in front of my eyes. I was unsettled enough to decide to go downstairs and check. There they were; father, mother, brother, and sister, all glued to the tube. I doubted my own instincts enough that I didn’t bother to say anything to anyone, and elected to sit in silence and watch TV.


An explanation suddenly occurred to me. It must be one of my Mother’s dresses. There is a closet to the right of the top of the stairs, where surely must be hanging a dress that blew from an open window. I doubted a window would be open remembering it to be quite a chilly evening, and I never recalled my Mother ever wearing a blue dress, but the shape fit and it was a more plausible explanation to ghost. I’m not sure why, but the thought of an intruder, and warning my parents never came to my mind.


Soon enough the TV show either ended, or my parents sent us to bed. I remember being very curious to see this blue dress as no one had been up the stairs yet, so if something had been hanging there it must still have remained. Up the stairs some of us went, at least I know I didn’t have the courage to go alone. I turned the corner to see the closet, and there hanging was the disembodied head of my best friend Roger!!


Okay, actually there was nothing hanging there, nor was there a window open. No explanation was at hand, and none ever came forward. The most likely explanation though is that I simply imagined seeing the fabric entirely. I guess its quite possible because its more likely then me having seen a ghost in what was a more or less modern home, with no prior or future sightings.


That’s my ghost story, and I’m sticking to it.


Send me your ghost sighting to add.