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So what kind of person am I ? What kind of person feels the need to organize and accumulate a useless website like this one, but doesn't really care if anyone else sees it? Maybe this page will shine some light on the issue...as if you care.


The Kingdomality business personality test. To take the test click here.
This is not some fly by night test thought up by college psyche students. This test, and book, is being used in the business world to analyze personality types within the company. My CEO asked me to take this test.

Personality test results from EduVision Inc.
I am an I-N-F-J
Took this test at a seminar and was the only participant of the whole room getting this result. It is also an unusual result for my occupation.
What is an I-N-F-J (and do I really fit it?) ???
Succeed by perseverance (at first glance I'd say no, but then again what little success I have had in life has required some perseverance, so maybe).
originality and desire to do whatever is needed or wanted. (not sure how those two fit together? How is one original but does what is wanted? For myself I would say yes to both I guess as I am an original :) and do like to get the job done).
Put their best efforts into their work (I like to do a good job, but best may be stretching it a bit).
Quietly forceful, conscientious, concerned for others (I'd say yes to this, even if it does go against my Black Knight tendencies).
Respected for their firm principles (I'm not so sure about that).
Likely to be honored and followed for their clear convictions as to how best ot serve the common good (I would say yes to this, except the honored part).
So overall its a mixed bag. Not sure I really fit here. As a career guideline they suggest some sort of "counsellor".

In case you still had any doubts as to my strangeness please click here to read about one of my several re-occuring dreams.

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