My Air Supply Dream

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I used to work on the 6th floor of this pretty nice downtown office building which was attached to a mall. There was a bank of elevators which serviced the offices that were accessible both from the mall and the street. This dream, which I haven't had in about 6 months, occurs in that area.
In the dream I enter the foyer (or whatever it would be called) along with 3 or 4 other business men, older then me, dressed impeccably in suits and ties. I don't remember for sure what I am wearing in my dream, but I believe it is also a suit and a tie. Our small group is talking with some jocularity in the air, and we are heading up to our offices to close a deal. Apparently a couple of the men are from a customer or supplier, while me and at least one other chap are from our office.
As the elevator finally opens and various people leave I can hear the strains of Air Supply coming out of the elevator. I believe it is "...here I am..the one that you love..asking for another day", you probably know the one I mean. The men shuffle into the elevator and go to hit the buttons and notice that I am standing outside the elevator. Frozen in my tracks. The guy from my office (none of these people in the dream are actually even remotely familiar to me, although this guy might be George Plimpton) looks at me kind of awkwardly, before asking me if there is something wrong.
I'm thinking, of course there is something wrong, but I can't say out loud what it is. Somehow I just know that if I enter that elevator I will start to cry because of the song. Now in real life I can be a big sucker for a happy story and do tend to cry at some movies, and the occasional commercial, but to my knowledge Air Supply has never really had an effect on me. Yet here I am (no pun intended) standing there afraid to enter the elevator.
The George Plimpton look-a-like repeats himself while projecting (what the f*** is wrong with you idiot?). I say that I feel like taking the stairs because of the big lunch we had. George Plimptin says something like, don't be ridiculous we need to get those papers signed as soon as possible so that suit A and suit B can get back to ogling their secretaries. Well he doens't really say that, but he damn well means it. There is far too much machismo flowing for me to start to wailing in the elevator to Air Supply.
Again I decline, and again George insists...and then...I wake up...
No resolution. What would have happened?
What does this dream mean? Well it obviously speaks to my insecurities as a business MAN, both the crying and the power suits, as well as the older men, send out those signals. Beyond that I'm not really sure, that's all I can make out from it.
Strange, very strange.

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