Top 11 - "Nerd/Shy Guy Gets the Girl" Movies

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Top 11 “Guy who has to step up from his shyness or nerdiness, and possibly overcome hanging out with a bunch of nerds to get the girl” Movies


1)      “Back to the Future” (Rating 10) : A stretch for the category only because George McFly has help from the “dreamboat” Marty McFly, not to mention the help of his density.


2)      “American Beauty” (Rating 9): This movie is almost too good to be on this list. But the facts are Ricky Fitts is a loner, and a videotape voyeur who bags a pretty decent chick.


3)      “Collateral” (Rating 9) Damn, another good movie, but yes Jamie Foxx is anything but a Foxx hunter in this movie and has to overcome not only the “pimp” figure badguy but also his own self doubt. Not exactly a high school sweetheart movie but still worthy.


4)      “Pump Up The Volume” (Rating 9) Another good movie, and the very shy Christian Slater ends up with the girl even though he really didn’t seem like he wanted to.


5)      “Real Genius” (Rating 9) Two nerdy geniuses get together after he overcomes his bouts with shyness. Val Kilmer steals this movie.


6)      “Spider-Man 1 & 2” (Rating 9) It’s amazing when you can bag the chick despite competing against yourself, when yourself has super human powers and gets to stay in your Halloween costume all year.


7)      “54” (Rating 8) Ryan Phillipe must step up to get the 2nd rate soap actress played by Neve Campbell.


8)      “The Girl Next Door” (Rating 8): The movie that copied the movie (Risky Business) that epitomizes this category.


9)      “Risky Business” (Rating 8): Shy guy, nerdier friends, a hooker who looks like the girl next door, a pimp, parents out of town..this movie pretty much wrote the formula, and launched one of Hollywood’s biggest stars Tom Cruise, not to mention Curtis Armstrong.


10)   “The Wedding Singer” (Rating 8): Shy guy but not too shy, nerdier friends, and an already attached girl to a psychotic and cheating/lying douchebag boyfriend, and an appearance by Billy Idol…a good effort indeed.


11)  “Weird Science” (Rating 8) Okay, when you actually create the woman of your dreams it makes it a tad bit easier..but when you end up stepping up from nerdness and shyness to bag some popular girls, you redeem yourselves and make this list. Congratulations Gary and Wyatt.


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