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January 15, 1989
River City Wrestling #359
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Untelevised matches:
Harley Heller defeated Dr. Gold by pinfall
Interview: Harley Heller
Frankie DiFalco defeated Chris Nevada by pinfall
Interview: Scott Hall
Nick McBrain defeated Gene Swan by pinfall
Interview: Nick McBrain
Non-Title: Top Guns defeated Dennis Ferguson & Myron Malchuk by pinfall
Interview: Top Guns
Televised Matches:
Ron Strong & Ken Resnick show us clips of the untelevised portion of the show and preview tonight's show which includes the two singles champions Vendetta and Ben Bassarab teaming up to take on Scott Hall and Manny Silva.
Opening Bout: joined in progress
Biff Wellington and Larry Cameron battled to a double countout at 6:09
-these two were already getting out of control, slugging it out when we joined the match and it degenerated more from there.
Baron von Raschke calls out Bob Orton Jr to the ring to accept his award as the Manager of the Year. This of course can not go unchallenged as Don Muraco comes to the ring. He says that Orton and Hall cheated them (Muraco & Raschke) at the 9th Anniversary show. He challenges Orton to a match which the Cowboy tries to decline saying he is a manager not a wrestler, but Raschke has a vested interest in seeing this match made.
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Bout #2
Don Muraco defeated Cowboy Bob Orton Jr by pinfall after a reverse piledriver at 5:14
-Muraco made short work of the Cowboy only to be attacked after the match by Scott Hall.
After a short commercial break Don Muraco is still in the ring. He wants Scott Hall in the ring next week, once and for all to end this and find out who the better man is.
Baron von Raschke congratulates Nick Mercury for being named the top feud of the year with Rogue. He also congratulates Troy Galveston for winning the Rookie of the year award and tells the fans that Troy is currently broadening his horizons by wrestling in the Carolinas.
Bout #3
#1 Contenders Match
The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid) defeated Vic Steamboat & Ricky Santana by pinfall when DBS pinned Steamboat after a powerslam at 9:45
-pretty much total domination by the Bulldogs to set them up as the #1 contenders to the Top Guns.
The British Bulldogs get a huge ovation when they announce they have signed a contract to stay in River City Wrestling in 1989. They say that they would be more then happy to oblige the Top Guns and meet them for the RCW tag team titles. A match between these two high paced fan favorite teams should be a treat.
Main Event
Manny Silva & Scott Hall defeated Vendetta & Ben Bassarab by pinfall when Silva pinned Bassarab after a wheelbarrow suplex at 12:03
-very good high paced match that was a coming out party for Manny Silva who dominated this match. He even got the better of the RCW champion Vendetta who has seemed unbeatable as of late, and ended up getting the pin on RCW TV champion Ben Bassarab. This was a little payback as Bassarab eliminated Silva last in the Battle Royal at the 9th anniversary show to win the vacant TV title.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


January 22, 1989
River City Wrestling #360
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Untelevised Matches
Brick Bronsky defeated Shayne Tustin by pinfall
-the young and muscular Bronsky looked a bit green but got the win
Don Muraco is interviewed about his match tonight against Scott Hall who jumped him during his match against Bob Orton Jr. last week. Before the interview Muraco took time out to congratulate Bronsky on the win and offer to work out with him in the gym if he wants.
Mike Lozansky & Nick McBrain defeated Pete Doherty & Brian Costello by pinfall
-first match in RCW for Doherty & Costello who are usually seen losing in television matches
Non-title match: Vendetta defeated Vic Steamboat by pinfall
-too bad it was untelevised as these two lit it up for over 12 minutes before the champion got the pin
Ron Strong & Ken Resnick walk us through highlites of the untelevised portion of the show as well as a preview of tonight's bouts.
Opening Bout:
Manny Silva defeated Kim Schau by pinfall after a wheelbarrow suplex at 3:36
-Silva just destroyed a very credible oponent.
Manny Silva made it quite clear that he no longer cares about trying to take the TV title from Ben Bassarab. He says he came back to fight men, not boys, and as he proved in the main event last night he is the biggest, meanest dog in the yard. His sites are set squarely on Vendetta who he says he owned last week.
A very sensual promo for a female wrestler "Fantasy" who says she is coming to RCW next week to challenge "fatty" Wendy Richter for the women's title. So ladies, lock up your husbands and sons, there is a new Fantasy in town.
Bout #2
Lethal Larry Cameron defeated Biff Wellington by pinfall after a powerslam at 7:40
-Wellington gave it a good shot but Cameron was too hungry and powerful
Cameron was not done with Wellington and administered a second powerslam before putting him in a fullnelson and refusing to let go.
Finally Wellington's old partner, TV champion Ben Bassarab hit the ring and nailed Cameron in the head while coming off the top buckle.
Ben Bassarab is outraged, and of course challenges Cameron to a match next week.
Commissioner Baron von Raschke brings out the two teams competing for the RCW Tag Team titles tonight, the champions Top Guns (Ricky Rice & Derrick Dukes), and the challengers British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid). He awards the Top Guns with the RCW Tag Team of the Year award for 2008. He then awards the Bulldogs with the Match of the Year award for their bout against the Road Warriors at the 9th Anniversary show. The crowd's response to the very popular Bulldogs is much louder then for the Top Guns which seems to annoy the champs a little bit. But the teams shake hands before leaving.
Bout #3
Grudge Match
Don Muraco defeated Scott Hall by disqualification for outside interference at 6:15
-Hall controlled the first half of the match after getting in some kicks to the gut, but he couldn't put Muraco away. The Rock fought back and was on the verge of winning the bout when Hall's manager Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. slid into the ring to attack Muraco.
Muraco did admirably well fighting off both Orton and Hall, until Orton nailed Muraco from behind with a low blow. The two on one beatdown was on until newcomer Brick Bronsky appeared to make the save.
Don Muraco says he is used to hanging 10 on the beaches of Hawaii but next week he wants to hang just 2 - Orton and Hall. He says he wants Hall again one on one, but has a way to neutralize Orton. He asks Brick Bronsky if he will keep an eye on Orton by being handcuffed to him at ringside. The youngster says it would be an honor to help Muraco out, one of his childhood idols.
Baron von Rashcke calls out the hugely popular RCW champion Vendetta to award him a plaque for being named the 1988 RCW wrestler of the year. Vendetta is a few seconds into his humble speach when he is interrupted by Manny Silva. He calls Vendetta a joke who hides by fighting nobody's like Rogue. He challenges Vendetta to put up his title next week. Of course Vendetta ends up agreeing. It looks like it will end without incident as Silva walks away. But when Vendetta begins to finish his speach and thank Raschke, Silva suddenly returns nailing Vendetta from behind. The beatdown is on. But when Silva grabs the plaque and prepares to nail the champ, Raschke pulls the plaque out of Silva's hands. Silva leaves satisfied enough with the beatdown he gave the champ.
Main Event
RCW Tag Team Title Match
The Top Guns (champs)
The British Bulldogs (challengers)
The Bulldogs tried to keep the pace on this match going fast, and using quick tags to get in some double teams. The champs on the other hand seemed to play defense and kept the pace down whenever possible.With the crowd already firmly behind the Bulldogs this drew some jeers towards the champions, who did not seem to care. The first five minutes was slow control by the champions, but then the Bulldogs began to exert themselves. First it was Derrick Dukes playing Ricky Morton for a couple minutes before making the hot tag out to Ricky Rice. Rice faired better but was soon in the same spot that Dukes had found himself. Davey Boy nailed him with a bodyslam in the corner and tagged out to DK. Dynamite Kid climbed onto Smith's hands as they prepared for a diving headbutt. Rice though was able to avoid the move by rolling out of the ring, drawing more jeers from the crowd. After stalling and buying some time Rice entered the ring and caught DK with a knee to the gut. He tagged out to Dukes who went to work on DK. Once again Rice was tagged in and nailed DK with a dropkick. But when he went for a second dropkick Dynamite pulled himself out of the way using the ropes. The Bulldogs went to work on Rice. After a couple minutes of this DK nailed Rice with an atomic drop that sent Rice right over the top rope to the floor below. Rice seemed to land heavy and couldn't make it to his feet, grabbing his ankle in pain. Referee Buddy Lane administered the 10 count as the Bulldogs showed sportsmanship taking the win but not the belts.
British Bulldogs defeated the Top Guns by countout on Ricky Rice at 15:54
[Top Guns retained the RCW Tag Team Titles]
Paramedics were called down to the ring with a stretcher to take Ricky Rice away as his concerned partner Derrick Dukes and the British Bulldogs looked on.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


January 29, 1989
River City Wrestling #361
Regina, Saskatchewan
Untelevised Matches
Frankie DiFalco & Harley Heller defeated Larry Bicone & Nick McBrain by pinfall
Kim Schau defeated Shayne Tustin by pinfall
Vic Steamboat defeated Mike Lozansky by pinfall
Cowoby Bob Orton Jr. defeated Brick Bronsky by pinfall
Ron Strong & Ken Resnick walk us through highlites of the untelevised portion of the show as well as a preview of tonight's bouts.
Opening Bout:
British Bulldogs defeated Pete Doherty & Brian Costello by pinfall when Dynamite pinned Costello after a flying headbutt at 4:26
The Bulldogs say that what happened last week to Ricky Rice was a fluke. They wish him all the best in his recover, and await their rematch.
Bout #2
Fantasy defeated Princess Debbie Eaglefeather by pinfall after a front layout suplex at 3:55
-very impressive outing for the premiere of Fantasy.
Fantasy reminds us that she is here to track down the yellow dog "fatty" Wendy Richter.
Wendy Richter has sent her response in via videotape and assures her fans that she will be there next week to shut Fantasy up. She tells her opponent to get ready because next week she sill slap her so hard she'll have to change her name to Reality.
Bout #3
Bob Orton handcuffed to Brick Bronsky
Scott Hall defeated Don Muraco by pinfall after a fallaway slam at 7:42
-Muraco had the better of Hall for most of the match. But Bronsky's inexperience allowed Orton the chance to KO him with a punch, and then trip up Muraco to hand Orton an advantage he never lost.
Bob Orton and Scott Hall gloat about the number they did on those rubes. But Baron von Raschke comes out to tell them that they have been signed for a tag team match next week against Muraco and Bronsky.
Bout #4
RCW Television Title Match
Ben Bassarab defeated Lethal Larry Cameron by disqualification for abuse of official at 9:03
[Ben Bassarab retains the RCW Television title]
-Bassarab controlled the first half of this bout but then Cameron used his power backed kicks and punches to take control. However, he was frustrated by his inability to put the spunky champion away. Finally after a piledriver he made the cover and got the 1, 2, 3. But although referee Buddy Lane's hand hit the mat for the 3rd count he could clearly see that Bassarab's foot was over the bottom rope before his hand hit the mat. He tried to stop his momentum but couldn't. When Lane tried to explain this to the celebrating Cameron, and then forced the challengers arm down, the Lethal one clotheslined Lane off his feet. Cameron continued to beat on Bassarab until the lockeroom emptied to make the save.
Larry Cameron talks about how he was robbed by RCW who he claims discriminates against him. He wants another rematch against Bassarab, and almost loses his temper again when Ken Resnick suggests that instead of a rematch he should be getting a suspension.
The tag team champions Top Guns: Ricky Rice & Derrick Dukes come out to cheers, and just a smattering of boos. Ricky Rice is using crutches. They say his status is still not clear as he has a high ankle sprain. They will see the doctor again this week and a decision will be made next week as to whether they will be able to defend their titles before the 30 day mark, or whether they will have to forfeit.
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Vendetta and Manny Silva battled to a double countout at 7:47
[Vendetta retained the RCW Heavyweight Title]
-this was your typical back and forth slugfest with an unsatisfactory result to set up a rematch. The only thing that made it different for RCW standards was that the wrestlers brawled for a good 5 minutes after the match, through the arena and spilling out into the parking lot. The ability of the cameras to follow the action was spotty at best which added to the sense of realism.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!