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January 13, 1990
River City Wrestling #407
Brandon, Manitoba
Untelevised matches:
Timothy Flowers defeated Sumu Hara  
Jim Brunzell and Pat Brady battled to a double countout
Matt Derringer defeated Ricky Rice by pinfall
Televised matches:
Non-title match:
Bruise Brothers defeated Alex Knight & Danny O'Brien by pinfall when Picone pinned Knight after a powerbomb at 4:25
**squash match, first time we saw Knight and O'Brien
Brett Derringer defeated Ben Bassarab by pinfall after a piledriver at 7:16
**huge upset but Brett got a little help from his brother Matt. In their post match interview they were refered to as the Black Hearts. They challenged Bassarab to get himself a partner and face them next week.
#1 Contenders Match for a TV Title match
Tommy Jammer defeated Konga the Barabarian by pinfall after the Jammer Slammer at 8:40
**another huge upset tonight with Jammer looking very impressive in defeating the very powerful Barbarian.
Taped promo with Ricky Steamboat announcing he is coming back to RCW next week and wants to get into the Heavyweight title picture.
Main Event
Return Match
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Dynamite Kid defeated Davey Boy Smith by pinfall after a flying headbutt at 10:50
[Dynamite Kid retained the RCW Heavyweight Title]
**Competitive even match up, but in the end DK looked like month off did his back a world of good. He was just a bit better then DBS tonight and held onto his title.